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Welcome to the Makeup Bangalore !

Bridal Makeup

Makeup Bangalore have a professional, certified makeup artist and hair stylist having worked with senior-most makeup artists and mentors in the industry. Our forte lies in achieving most natural, fresh look and making my brides look like themselves on their wedding day. Hands-on experience with regard to celebrity makeup, wedding makeup, TV commercials, print and media, photo shoots, fashion and makeovers.

Fashion Makeup

All those models may appear damn gorgeous, but very few know the factor behind those killer looks. Obviously to look beautiful, one needs to be in perfect shape; but one more thing contributing to that perfection is the right make-up. An average looking face can be made pretty by using correct make-up. Coming to the technical part, make-up is a sub-set of cosmetics and refers mainly to the colored products.

Photoshoot Makeup

Makeup and fashionable cosmetics have been used by women for centuries, and are primarily used to enhance the beauty of the human body. Makeup can also be used to hide blemishes and add a dramatic effect to the face. makeup is imperative to the look that is achieved with make-up. The key to makeup is to put on just enough eye shadow, blush, eye liner, etc. to beautify a woman without looking too made up or clownish.  bronzer and blush for photo shoot makeup.